The Institute of Nursing is committed to excellence is Nursing education, Clinical practice, nursing research and community service. The institute prepares nursing students to be effective clinicians and leaders who will work to improve the health and health care of the community. These nursing programmes prepare individuals to assume the role of professional nurses who can practice in a variety of health care settings. Our faculty is committed to promote students ethical development, critical thinking, responsible practice an attitude of scholarship and motivation for lifelong learning, close student faculty interaction is fostered and students are viewed as partners in the changing health care needs and collaboration with health care and government agencies, professional organizations and other educational institutions. The institute strives for excellence in accomplishing its mission through co-operative governance and ongoing evaluation. The institute of nursing is a flourishing Centre of Nursing Education, Research, Scholarship and Service for practice. Our graduates will be Clinicians, Leaders, Researchers and Scholars who are highly competent, grounded in a sense of inquiry and committed to human caring. Students and facility will collaborate in the discovery, integration, application and dissemination of knowledge in Nursing. The Institute of Nursing will be resource for knowledge that improves the quality of nursing practice in sights and research findings will be disseminated to enhance nursing practice nationally and internationally. This Vision will be accomplished in an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment that is diversity and that fosters individual and collective purists.