All the students who are admitted in this Institute will abide all the Rules & Regulations of the Institute as signed in the admission form.
1. If the student is admitted, she will abide by the rules and regulations of Punjab Medical Institute of Nursing & those made by the authorities there after.
2. The student will hold herself and her parents responsible for the timely payments of all the dues i.e. Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee , Next year Admission fees before 1st Oct. every year otherwise not permitted to continue next class & other charges are payable like Transport charges ,boarding and lodging for going to clinical training outside Jalandhar. Any dues pending of the Govt. will be cleared before final exams every year. If the fee is not deposited before 10th of every month. Late fee of Rs.200/- will be charged per month up to 3 months. The name of the student will be struck off after three months. Readmission fee of Rs.5000/- extra. will be charged after three months.
3. The student will agree to abide by the discipline of the Institute. That if she takes extra leave more than the prescribed leave of ( 30 days for G.N.M & 45 days for M.P.H./W (F), will have to be covered by makeup days after her final Examinations and she will have to pay the fee for those days as monthly fee. I know that my third year result may be delayed till I complete make up days. (30/45 holidays are including School Holidays) 95% attendance is required for sitting in the final examination of the P.N.R.C. Leaves will not be granted on the application. It is to be signed by the Director / Med.Suptd.on the out pass of the student. Late fee of rs.100/-per day will be charged if the students come late than the leave signed.
4. If the student directly or indirectly take part in any movements to create any type of disturbance during her stay in the institution or to address any meeting in the institute without the permission of the Director or found guilty of Unsatisfactory work or misconduct in anyway then she will agree that her name may be removed from the roll of the institute or Expelled as decided by the authorities.
5. That if at the end of the preliminary period of three months, the authorities decide that her record of work is not satisfactory or have short of any of the essential qualities for the profession then she cannot be accepted for the promotion to the full membership of the school then she agree to discontinue her training. She also understands that her admission may be cancelled if she has submitted incorrect information to the institute. Then her parents agree that any fees paid by her shall not be refunded to her. Parents also knows that if the admission fee for the next session is not paid before 1st Oct.every year then late fee of rupees one thousand per month will be charged, only then the student will be promoted to the next class
6. She agrees that any breakage of equipments, materials etc. either in the hostel or in the hospital or in the class room or in the laboratory have to be borne by her.
7. She knows that she will have to pay the full amount of the Institute fee like admission fee/monthly fee as per the orders of the High court, if she leaves the Institute before the completion of the course.
8. That she is not married and will not get married during the course of her training.
9. She/Parents know that the institute is not responsible for getting the govt. service after passing the said course.
10. She & Parents knows that she is doing the course at her own responsibility/risk.
11. That she will not take part to form any union, if she takes part she may be expelled from the institute.
12. That she will not drink any chemicals/acids. If she does so, she will be responsible.
13. That they know that if the student does not come back from leave on the scheduled day. The institute will send a registered reminder and if the student does not return back within three days from the day of registered reminder, an intimation will be sent to the local police station and a copy of the intimation will also be sent to Police station of the students village for the report of missing or leave without permission.
14. That she has not paid any donation for getting admission.
15. That they know that the Admission/monthly fees etc. are to be fixed by the Govt. If the fee is reduced then they know that the extra fee paid will be adjusted in next month’s fee & if the fee is increased more than the amount paid then the balance amount will be paid by them. After completion of courses the students have to pay the charges of breakage of furniture, electricity and any other dues related to these items. Along with TNAI; SNA etc
17. That the parents do here by allow their daughters to come alone during Mass leave and if anything goes wrong the Institute will not be responsible, only parents will be responsible. Girls are staying in the mess and if anything mishappening happens in the hostel, the students will be responsible and not the Institute. She can even go from the hostel without any permission or jump from the hostel without leave. She will be responsible.
18. That during the working Days, the students should only be allowed to go with the parents those who are holding Identity card with Photo issued from the Institute. The students should not be allowed to see /meet any one coming without Photo on I-Card.
19. That they know that students are not allowed to keep the Mobiles Phones, Tape- Recorders or any other electronic gadgets in the Institutes, If found will not be returned back to the students.& the students will be fined heavily. Institute will not be responsible if anything goes wrong or wire lines are burnt by charging the mobiles etc.
20. The student and the parents have read the above statement carefully and agree to abide by it.
21. Students, Who Have Applied For SC/BC Scholarship, Are Responsible For Timely Payment. If Scholarship From Govt Not Received Or Less Than The Prescribed Admission Fees before 30th September every year, the student will pay the full / remaining amount.
22. That all disputes will be settled under Jalandhar Jurisdiction.